Current situation of ”KOME-DOKORO” Niigata Vicious cycles of rice-related industries

The future vision of the Centre in 10 years’ time

  • 1 Profitable agriculture
  • 2 Agriculture attractive to young people
  • 3 Co-creation across industries
  • 4 Creation of new industries
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Message 01


Ten years ago, there were about twenty farm households in our community.
Due to rising prices of farm machinery and equipment, people have been leaving the community one after another, and today there are only seven farm households left.
If this situation continues, there will only be one or two farms left here in 10 years, and we feel a sense of crisis.Our company, incorporated ten years ago, continues to protect the local rice paddies by looking after the farmlands of people who have quit farming.
We are also working to train young successors of farm households.
Through this project, we hope to collaborate with people from various industries to make agriculture a more attractive sector.

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Message 02


Our company produces and sells mineral-rich rice grown in rich soil prepared using rice bran pellets made from rice bran and other agricultural wastes.
The local rice farmers are facing various challenges, such as difficulties in procurement of production materials, problems with utilisation of rice husks and other waste materials, and lack of employment during winter season when there is a lot of snowfall.
We hope that science and technology will help solve these problems and help create a society where agriculture can become a sustainable industry and a constant source of employment.

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Message 03


For 25 years, our farm has been involved in food education through rice cultivation. The rice fields are not just for agricultural production; they can be a place for fun, food education, or a tourist destination for young children. We believe that creating opportunities for children to experience agriculture in rice paddies is like “planting the seeds” for the future.
Currently, not many people want to become farmers and now is the time for us to create a future where those who wish to try agriculture are set up well to face the challenge. Farmers doing their best is not enough to achieve this goal. We would like to work together with a variety of people to solve the challenges faced by agriculture.